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Meanwhile you are playing your favorite games you are also developing Soft Skills , that are very useful in your job or your daily life.

Skilling Games provides valuable information about how you are training your Soft Skills at the same time that you are playing your favorites video games which improves your professional profile.

How important are Soft Skills? Soft Skills are skills that are very increasingly demanded in the current labor market. Unlike hard or technical skills, unfortunately soft skills are not usually taught in schools despite their importance. Communication, Teamwork, Complex Problem Solving and other kinds of skills, among many others, are some of the Soft Skills you have probably heard about.

Skilling Games is able to track and to analyze the achievements that players get while playing, and then translate them into Soft Skills xps.

The Soft Skills we are able to evaluate are the following:

The games that are currently in focus are:

*If after registering and adding your data you can not see anything in the Stats section, maybe that is because probably you have not played any of these games so for now we can not provide you information about your Soft Skills.

**If you have any questions about how Skilling Games works please let us know by sending an email to us (skillingames@compartia.net).

Read more about our research http://xbadges.compartia.net/

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